Thatcher – the cost of her funeral, the fuss around her death and why she came to power.

In these days of economic austerity it seems odd, indeed unacceptable, to spend so much public money on her funeral; even odder when it seems that the nod to the scale of the arrangements was given during the last Labour administration.

As to the fuss I am wondering what on earth we are thinking as a society. Mad songs, the right wing wanting to treat her as a Saint and the left wanting her to be seen as a representation of the Devil! What next. I will choose to ignore all the nonsense today.

Thatcher was the result of failed Conservative and Labour Governments throughout the 60’s & 70’s. Heath, Wilson, Callaghan all failed with both economic and industrial policy and the country was going to the dogs in 1979. Sadly, Thatcher was the political giant of the time whom the electorate put in office although it has to be remembered that she never had even 50% of the voters on her side.

Our warped and misrepresentative electoral system so loved by Tories and the majority of Socialists and recently endorsed 2 to 1 by the Country in a referendum was the cause of her gaining free reign to do what she wished. On that basis to hear Socialists ranting against her whilst they supported and indeed continue to support our appalling first past the post electoral system means they really don’t understand that changing the electoral system is the best way to ensure that another Thatcher is stopped in their tracks.

I did not vote for Thatcher but I did vote for electoral reform. Those on the left who oppose electoral reform but rant against Thatcher need to understand that the system of election they support delivered her and the policies she promoted.

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