Windfarm proposal for West Lanacshire west of Lydiate

I have been contacted a few times in recent months about the proposal to install 24 wind turbines that will be around the height of Blackpool Tower on farming land west of Lydiate and out towards Ince Blundell and Altcar.

The recent mailing from the company who are promoting the scheme, to many residents in the surrounding communities, seems to have raised the anti of an issue that has been doing the rounds for some months now.

The plan will be decided upon by West Lancs Borough Council not by Sefton as the whole of the proposed site is within West Lancashire.

Yesterday I met a lady who is gathering a petition against the turbines who lives in the rural north of Lydiate Parish and asked her to let me have the completed petition so that I can forward it to both West Lancs and Sefton Borough Councils.

It will be interesting to see what the reaction is to the exhibitions that are being put on later this week in Altcar, Ince Blundell and Lydiate by the promoting company.

3 thoughts on “Windfarm proposal for West Lanacshire west of Lydiate

  1. Windy Miller says:

    All very well counsellor Robertson, but you don’t say whether you’re in favour of not. Care to enlighten us?

    • Happy to do that. I will take a lot of convincing that this plan is sustainable. I am concerned about the noise/vibration problems that could flow from such turbines and the effect that could have on those living close to them. Of course there is the other aspect of how they would change the open landscape.

      I am in favour of more environmentally sustainable means of producing power and don’t subscribe to the view that all wind turbines are mad or bad but to suggest placing them on what is some of the highest grade agricultural land in England makes we wonder about the sense of doing that.

      As I say the project does not seem to add up to me from a environmental sustainability perspective.

  2. bill says:

    Do the public realise that birds that fly at night do not see these massive blades before they are injured or killed!

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