Switch Island – Thornton Relief Road – MP thinks he had a hand in it getting the green light! NO Bill, it was the Parish Council and people of Thornton

Well I have heard it all now; Bill Esterson thinks he got the road going again when it was looking like it was not going to happen. Where he gets that idea from beats me.

The new road has never been in any serious doubt what so ever since the Coalition Government gave it the green light following Labour, when they were in government, giving it no more than an amber light. Indeed, I remember only too well the Transport Minister coming to Switch Island to confirm the Coalition was giving it the go ahead. Mr Esterson was not at that event.

But the real heroes of this campaign are not MP’s or even Borough Councillors, they are the people of Thornton and their Parish Council. It was Thornton folk who resurrected the campaign around the turn of the last Century when they organised a mass protest/march to wake up a then sleeping Sefton Council that thought it could never get the road built. I was on that march and a great day it was too; the start of what was to be a successful last push after years and years of the project going nowhere.

So let us celebrate for sure but as for the MP trying to give the impression that the project was in the balance and that he helped to kick start it again! Give me strength…..

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