Library Closures in Sefton – Labour’s rank hypocrisy

Let’s return to that sad affair of Labour closing many of Sefton’s libraries. The only hope for those libraries earmarked for closure under Labour’s plan would be the local campaign groups battling away to save 5 of the 7 libraries i.e. Aintree, Ainsdale, Birkdale, College Road and Churchtown.

Now, only weeks ago at Sefton Council’s budget meeting an amendment was proposed by the Conservative Group on the Council which we Lib Dems supported. The amendment was to use £150,000, of a £1m fund (which Sefton Council had set aside to help with services that had been cut back) to support the efforts of the library campaign groups across the Borough – all the Labour members voted against this sensible idea.


At last night’s Sefton Central Area Committee what do you think Labour councillors had the brass neck to suggest? Yes, you have guessed it, the beggars suggested using money from the very fund they had opposed using money from to support the College Road Library campaign Group.

Rank hypocrisy just about sums Labour up!

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