Sefton Council – What’s happened to our grass verges? They are knee deep yet again?

For as long as anyone can remember Sefton Council and its contractors have never really got to grips with cutting the Borough’s grass verges. Each growing season councillors have to complain about the lack of cutting but this year we were wrong footed and given a false sense of hope as the first couple of cuts actually happened!

But sadly things have gone downhill since then and some verges are about as bad as they can get or ever have been at present. What’s more the Highways Agency seem to be in competition with Sefton Contractors as to who can grow the longest grass as the A5036 Dunningsbridge Road is showing grass above knee high.

Grass verge at Dunningsbridge Road, Netherton

Grass verge at Dunningsbridge Road, Netherton

Below is Lydiate Parish Councillor Robbie Fenton measuring the height of the grass at the junction of Liverpool Road and Kenyons Lane Lydiate during a previous Council-run ‘competition’ to see where the longest grass could be grown in the Borough!


No wonder residents are calling for the Council to get its act together!

June 2021 Note – This posting has attracted some interesting ‘green’ responses in recent weeks and ones that I share the views of. Yes, turning grass verges into wildflower havens is something I think Sefton Council should seriously look into as other local authorities have taken such a course of action. Of course, back a few years ago when this posting was published the issue then was the frustration of Sefton Borough residents who saw their verges being left in an uncut mess when there was no environmental policy driving the matter whatsoever.

5 thoughts on “Sefton Council – What’s happened to our grass verges? They are knee deep yet again?

  1. Mrs. Coombes says:

    Ormonde Drive from Maghull pharmacy to Ormonde Avenue has a verge that covers the whole of that area partly grass mainly weeds it is difficult to walk on the flags without treading on loads of weeds which also cover the whole of the meadows car park wall. The top half of the drive and Ormonde avenue were originally cleared of verges and look neat and tidy but our side of the drive is nothing else but an absolute eye sore why cannot the cutgrass be collected ? The cut grass is blown back onto the verges why? So a light wind causes it to be blown all over the place.why do we have to put up with it the weeds also find their way into the gardens causing more work for us so please as we pay rates sort this problem out as soon as possible.

    • I wish I had an answer for you Mrs Coombes but I am no longer a Councillor for Maghull, I represent Lydiate these days. However, I do recall problems with the grass verges in Ormonde Drive from some years ago from my time as a Maghull Councillor. I think your best bet would be to contact one of the current Park Ward Sefton Borough Councillors, their details will be on the Sefton Council web site.

  2. Zoe Nosworthy says:

    What about thinking about how your verges are contributing to the tentative hold that our wildlife is clinging to? We have heard Thais week that our country has the highest loss of wildlife in the world. 50/60% gone in the last 50 years. There is a reason that my car is no longer covered in squashed bugs during the summer months, it’s because there are so few now compared to when I was a child.
    So how about celebrating No Mow May and congratulating the intelligent people of Sefton for getting behind British wildlife and habitats and doing their bit for enjoying the wild flowers for a few weeks on their verges?

  3. Christian says:

    Its no mow may we have seen an 80% decline in insect species in 20 years and have lost 98% of hay meadow grasslands so createing wildflower verges is incredibly important for bees butterflies and biodiversity.

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