Meadows Leisure Centre, Maghull – Just who is supposed to maintain the planted areas around it?

This was a question put to me recently via my involvement with Maghull in Bloom but sadly I had already noticed the weed infested garden areas.


When I was Leader of Sefton Council I also happened to be the Sefton Council Cabinet member responsible for the construction of the Leisure Centre. Indeed, I led the community campaign to get it built over many years.

My point is this, I distinctly remember agreeing with Maghull Town Council, who own the land on which the Leisure Centre is built and who have leased the land to Sefton Council, that it would continue to maintain all the landscaped areas around Meadows once the contractors maintenance period had ended.

So it’s simple, Maghull Town Council should be maintaining the garden areas just as they are cutting the grass around them. Why this is not happening beats me but as Labour now runs both Maghull and Sefton Councils it is surely not beyond the wit of Labour man or woman to resolve this is it? I have written to the new Leader of Maghull Town Council about this.

Meanwhile whilst the two Councils squabble over who will do it the Maghull in Bloom volunteers are in solution mode as well and they tend to get things done when Councils procrastinate.

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