Which way is Labour facing over Sefton’s Green Belt? – Both ways!

I am having trouble knowing which way Labour is facing over Sefton’s Green Belt.

First we have the Labour run Council proposing to allow building on Green Belt land (which is subsequently endorsed by Labour Sefton Councillors on an Overview & Scrutiny Committee – 28th May) but we are also treated to those Labour policies seemingly being publicly rejected within days by Labour Party members led by an Andy Wilson.

Forgive me but I sense a stunt in progress here similar to one pulled by Labour over the hugely controversial Damfield Lane site in Maghull. There, only last year, Labour councillors said they were fighting to stop the proposed development only for Labour councillors to vote the development through!

We could all do without another carry on like that; it is not community leadership but raising false hopes and band wagon jumping of the very worst kind. It’s a Labour run Council that is proposing to build on the sites that it has identified within the Green Belt; no one else picked those sites.

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