Maghull Town Council – What the former Labour Leader of the Town Council has said about the running of the Council under Labour!

Only days ago I posted about Labour’s troubles in the Central Sefton Constituency in which Maghull is located. I knew Labour councillors had been at each others throats so to speak but even I was taken aback to read what the Council Leader (until just a few weeks ago) had to say in the Aintree & Maghull Champion newspaper.

The following is a direct quote which I have neither added to nor deleted from under the heading:-

Why I quit as Leader of the Town Council

“Some decisions are being taken within the town council which I feel are mainly in the interests of political expediency.

I more democratic approach would be a better way of doing things

I feel that Maghull Town Council is at present being used to further political careers rather than for what is essentially a parish council’s first priority – which should be the use of taxpayers’ money to help the greatest number of people

As a long-standing Labour party member, I think some councillors appear to hold values which I do not share

I found myself in a position which was intolerable and so felt unable to continue”

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