Parish Councils and Public Toilets

Toilets are a necessity for us all especially when we are out and about and often Parish Councils provide them in the community.

Maghull once had award winning public toilets run by Sefton Borough Council in its shopping centre. Sadly, now they are down at heel because of spending cuts and frankly a lack of enthusiasm to provide the best from the Borough Council.

Only months ago there was a proposal from the Borough Council to close all the public toilets in Sefton but they were given an eleventh hour reprieve following public protests. But what have we got above just saving them? Not a lot, not much quality and I suspect the closure proposal will be revisited in due course.

Maghull toilet campaigners fighting Labour's axe

Maghull toilet campaigners fighting Sefton Council’s axe

I had hoped that Maghull Town Council would at least go into partnership with Sefton Borough to refurbish and brighten up Maghull’s toilets and once again make them public toilets to be proud of. Sadly, the Town Council refused to even consider my proposal despite it being sat on a mountain of cash.

And then a few weeks ago I went for walk in that lovely area of Silverdale and Arnside with my old mate Keith. Two things struck us, one was the notice board for Silverdale Parish Council and the reference to a toilet leak. Secondly, we came across a really nice toilet block run by Arnside Parish Council on their estuary frontage.

From Silverdale Parish Council notice board - Item 18. To decide how to proceed with the toilet leak

From Silverdale Parish Council notice board – Item 18. To decide how to proceed with the toilet leak

Arnside Parish Council's Public toilets

Arnside Parish Council’s Public toilets

Maghull Town Council may not have any interest in the public toilets in its Town but clearly some other Parish Councils are a little more enlightened.

I wonder if Silverdale have managed to fix their leak yet?

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