Lydiate Parish Council’s boundary sign is KO’d

A knock on my door around 6.30pm yesterday told me that there had been a road accident on Southport Road down by the Maghull boundary and that Lydiate’s boundary sign had copped for it!


I went to look and whilst one of the poles was mangled the sign was OK. Sefton Security and the Police were there and said that a contractor was coming to take the sign away as it was dangerous. I took an executive decision and unbolted the boundary sign and have it in my back garden because having been through such before in Maghull (Melling Lane) the sign never subsequently resurfaced and had to be remade.

I will pass in on to Lydiate Parish Council as they paid for it to be put up a few years ago. The Parish Council will have to fix up with Sefton to get it put back up when a new pole has gone in.

My understanding of the accident is that a vehicle came from the Maghull direction at speed and hit a parked car. It was the parked car that was shoved up the verge and into the sign. Must have been quite a bang! I hope no one was hurt.

The irony is that the sign askes drivers to drive carefully!

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