Pilling Lane Canal Access, Lydiate

I have posted about this problem before. In brief the steps up to the road from the Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath to Pilling Lane have been out of use for a long time and local walkers are getting very frustrated. So much so that every time the Canal and River Trust rebuilds the fence that is supposed to stop pedestrians using the steps it is broken down by determined folk wanting access.

I took this shot of the steps during the last snow to hit Lydiate

I took this shot of the steps during the last snow to hit Lydiate

The issue is that the steps are sinking and are unsafe due to subsidence so you can understand whey the Trust does not want people not to use them. However, with repairs being as far away as October (or later) and the steps having been closed for months on end already it is hardly surprising that folks are taking things into their own hands even if that is putting themselves in danger of injury.

But yesterday I got a call from a Lydiate resident who had been walking past the bridge when he saw Canal and River Trust workers there. He stopped and asked them when the repairs would be done and was told next year! Lydiate Parish Council had been told, as I have previously reported, that repairs were scheduled for October. And that was not the end of it because the resident also asked the workers why they had not built a temporary set of steps, only to be told that such would have been quite possible. Possible, why then was I refused my request for this to be done months ago?

Lydiate Parish Council Clerk Barbara Kennan is now back on the case to try to get to the bottom of things.

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