Lower Alt Wind Farm Project


I have commented on this matter a number of times in the past few months but this posting is to assist those looking to get involved with the campaign group HALT that is fighting against the 24 Blackpool Tower sized wind turbines that are being proposed for the piece of land in West Lancashire that splits the middle of Sefton Borough between Lydiate and Ince Blundell.

Please have a look a HALT’s web site.

One thought on “Lower Alt Wind Farm Project

  1. Graham jones says:

    An internstional site of importance for thousands of migrating geese , water voles , short eared owls and many rare species of other bird life newts frogs the list is end less. To build a wind-farm. Using tax payers subsidise , the wind turbine industry is Fake the promise of cheap power is all lies propagated by. The industrie Itself the only ones benefiting are the manufactories and the construction companys , the turbines are a classic case of the king who wore no clothes , the look like they are generating when in reality the can not operate in most of the british weather , there carbon footprint will never be justified And who is paying take a look in the mirror ITS YOU !!!!!!

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