Are some MP’s costing us too much? – A review of Merseyside’s 15 MP’s expenses


Recently released figures show that Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson is the most expensive of all 15 MPs on Merseyside, claiming more than £190,000 last year in staffing costs for his office together with expenses. This is on top of the salary of £65,700 paid to all MPs.

The figures released by IPSA last week show that, in contrast, Knowsley MP George Howarth cost the least on Merseyside, claiming £60,000 less than Bill Esterson.

Frankly, I am concerned about the high level of expenses and staffing costs that the Labour MP for Sefton Central, Bill Esterson, has been claiming.

Sefton Central’s MP is one of the most expensive in the country and it is the taxpayer that is picking up the tab. I am concerned at the profusion of party political press statements coming out of Bill Esterson’s Office every week. We need some independent assurance that public money is not being used to pay the wages of staff who are engaged on producing Labour Party political propaganda.

Such an independent review is required because it would not only answer this fundamental question but hopefully help Mr. Esterson to reduce his claims upon the public purse at this time of great hardship for many in his constituency.

Looking at the figures for Sefton’s two other MP’s, Bootle’s Joe Benton (surely the nicest man in Parliament) and Southport’s John Pugh, they claim far less than Bill Esterson – in fact between £40,000 and £58,000 a year less.

I would like Bill to get his cost to the tax payer down by, say, £40,000 a year. MP’s are paid a lot of money and it is only right that Mr. Esterson and indeed other MP’s with high expenses claims set an example of prudence rather than high cost.

This is the league table of Merseyside MP’s

1 Bill Esterson Sefton Central CC £190705.75
2 Alison McGovern Wirral South CC £190159.16
3 Luciana Berger Liverpool, Wavertree BC £185185.38
4 Esther McVey Wirral West CC £170928.55
5 Stephen Twigg Liverpool, West Derby BC £170774.11
6 Louise Ellman Liverpool, Riverside BC £163891.71
7 Steve Rotheram Liverpool, Walton BC £160432.83
8 Maria Eagle Garston and Halewood BC £158643.19
9 Angela Eagle Wallasey BC £155950.04
10 Shaun Woodward St Helens South and Whiston BC £154105.36
11 John Pugh Southport BC £149027.46
12 Frank Field Birkenhead BC £137044.23
13 Dave Watts St Helens North BC £136905.06
14 Joe Benton Bootle BC £132248.06
15 George Howarth Knowsley BC £129608.50

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