Westway, Maghull – Dangerous narrow pavement


Cllr. Jen Robertson spotted this recently and discussed with me what we can do to try to get it cut back.

The land from which the overgrowth emanates is called The Dell and it is owned by the NHS as it forms part of the grounds of Maghull Health Centre. Recent NHS reorganisation required a bit of detective work to be undertaken to find out whom the responsible NHS official may be who can get the work done. We hope we have found the right person and this photo has been sent to them with a request for urgent cutting back of the offending overgrowth.

Separately, Maghull in Bloom volunteers are offering their services to the NHS to help maintain this dell (as I have posted about previously) and a response is awaited.

UPDATE – Still no progress in the NHS cutting back their overgrowth so another reminder sent 1/11/13.

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