Ed presses the panic button

Has the Labour leadership lost it? Have they forgotten what spend, spend, spend leads to?

What a curious few days it has been as Ed tries his level best to buy off the left, trade union barons who are openly talking about cutting off his money supply and ordinary rather cheesed off Labour activists.

He and his Team seem to be making more pledges to spend our money than you can shake a stick at and we are still a good 18 months away from the General Election.

Clearly he is under pressure and is under performing. His supporters within Labour are nervous and all the recent spending pledges are really to buy of Labour movement people who have been looking at him with a very critical eye.

Compare this with relatively recent Labour Party pledges to stick to Coalition spending programmes! It’s one hell of a switch but Ed knows that if his troops will not fight for him then all is lost; they have to be bought off with some good old socialist tax and spend policies.

And what about the wonderful view that folks earning £60,000 per year are not rich; what planet are Labour living on?

But whatever Ed does he will always have to come back to the fact that a potential Labour Government promising to spend what we have not got, borrow we can’t afford and tax us to death will not get elected.

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