Nottinghamshire survive the drop (just) and Lancashire get promoted

This season has been fascinating for a cricket fan like me what with the Australians being over and my team Notts winning the 40 over one day competition.

It’s been an odd season for Notts though as they have hardly been able to win a County Championship 1st Division match for toffee yet have been very successful in the shorter form of the game. Thanks to Derbyshire getting badly beaten in their last game of the County Championship season and Notts gaining their umpteenth draw we survived to fight another season in the 1st Division.

It was great to Lancashire gaining promotion from the 2nd Division despite them surprisingly losing their last match. In fact it was their only defeat in the County Championship 2nd Division this year and promotion was already assured.

It would be great if when next year’s fixtures come out that Lancs V Notts could be at Birkdale but maybe that is wishing too much. Just to get any County Championship at Birkdale may well be struggle, but let’s hope.

The 'Square' at Southport Cricket Ground

The ‘Square’ at Southport Cricket Ground

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