Fragoff puts the political parties on the spot but Labour fall at the first hurdle!

Fragoff Sefton’s now Borough-wide environmental and save the Green Belt campaign group, which originated in Formby, have now published all the party political representations in response to Sefton Council’s draft Local Plan.

But, where is Labour’s submission? At face value they have not made one but then again it’s Labour-led Sefton Council that has produced the plan that is being pulled apart by all comers so for Labour’s plan just read the draft Sefton Local Plan.

6 thoughts on “Fragoff puts the political parties on the spot but Labour fall at the first hurdle!

  1. Ged Wright says:

    Not quite right Tony, Southport Labour has responded to the consultation. You can find it here: You probably won’t like it because it’s got lots of positive suggestions although it looks like you already agree with our suggestion on payday loan offices and bookies.

  2. We asked for objections which had been submitted by the various parties and which were endorsed by the labour councillors to which we received no response. I have to say this objection to the Local Plan that Southport Labour have submitted does not appear to be an objection but more an endorsement to build on greenbelt. They do not address any of the issues in respect of the number of houses required, query the actual figures supplied or want to protect any greenbelt. As the vast majority of new developments are to take place in Maghull, Lydiate, Formby and Thornton we asked if Sefton Labour Central had submitted an objection to the Local Plan and if so we would be prepared to publish it. We received a submission from the Chair of Sefton Centre, who I have to add is not a councillor and we asked if he had the authority to attribute this objection to the labour councillors to which we received NO REPLY. We think the fact that they could not attribute any objection to the Councillors speaks for itself and as it was labour who voted the plan through for consultation. We feel that the objections that have been published and that are attributed to the various political party Councillors (not non Councillors) and those parties who wish to put up Councillors in the future are clear in what their intentions are and that is to challenge the planned number of housing required and to protect the greenbelt. I have personally read the “so called” objection from Southport Labour, but can find no evidence in there which relates to the actual plan to build 10,700 houses with the vast majority on greenbelt, maybe I am missing something, this is what the plan is all about, development. As the local plan is all about building housing and employment sites on greenbelt throughout the borough I find it strange that not once is this mentioned, it appears more like a green light to build on the green belt. If Sefton Central have put in an objection to the plan and they can attribute it to the Councillors then we are quite prepared to publish it and let the public make up their own minds.

  3. Derek Baxter says:

    Hi Tony,

    I run the FRAGOFF website for the committee, and I can say that we have been scrupulously fair with the Labour Party on this issue. All of the responses posted on the FRAGOFF website are endorsed by their relevant political parties at the Council level. Therefore all of the responses are endorsed by their respective Councillors.

    The Labour Party wish to circumvent this by asking us to publish the responses of the Parliamentary constituency Parties, of which there are three in the Borough of Sefton. However none of these organisations are able to get local Labour Councillors to endorse their Consultation responses. So we must assume that these views are not shared by the Sefton Labour Group on Sefton Council, and as such cannot be compared with the responses from the other parties on the FRAGOFF website. Where a Party has no Councillors, for example the Green Party, we have received clarification that their response will be the position of any prospective Local election candidate.

    I hope visitors to your site are aware that they can vote for the Responses they like best on the FRAGOFF website.


  4. Ged Wright says:

    You say that the Local Plan is all about building housing and employment sites on green belt however it’s also about a whole range of issues such as infrastructure, transport, jobs and how our high streets and town centres will be planned. I think the idea about Local Design Review panels is interesting, giving local people a say in how new developments look. I think about that every time I go past that building on the old lighthouse site!

  5. You might consider the design when you drive past the old light house building but that will be insignificant compared to the proposed housing they want to build which when the plan is adopted in 2015 will equate to 723 per year, option 3 I believe and not option 2. They have not addressed any infrastructure and if you had been bothered to turn up to the various meetings at planing you will have heard them say that they will address the infrastructure when each application is presented in other words after the horse has bolted. This is all to late and you cannot build all these houses without addressing all the other issues associated with them to include schools, traffic, flooding, drainage etc. You might be concerned about one building, that by the way was passed by your own Councillors when voted on but we are concerned about the whole plan or should we say the lack of the plan to address the very many issues that need to be addressed. Is it a case of just sticking your finger up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing at the time. Maybe you would like to give us an idea as well of where all these jobs are going to be, who are the companies coming here to create them, do you know or again is it all just guess work, assumptions and projections based on figures that are clearly incorrect. Have you read the local plan in full and all associated documents that go with it because if you had you would clearly see where all the problems lay. We have read the thousands of pages involved in this Plan and know where the problems are and have researched it fully so we are able to speak out and know what we are talking about and we can certainly assure you that we are fighting not only against building on greenbelt but also the number of houses, 723 when the plan is adopted, the lack of infrastructure and the short shortsightedness of the council with regard to the local plan and their complete disregard to the public and their concerns and wishes. Is this not what our Councillors should be doing and not being party whipped into a decision that the council leader wants. Do our Councillors not have their own opinions? It is a sorry state of affairs when all the Councillors think the same, vote the same, and say the same, all the time, this is not what the people voted for they voted for then to speak out on their behalf which is what the are NOT doing.

  6. Graham Nelson says:

    What bugs me is the dishonesty of Labour’s position. For months now councillors have been claiming they don’t want the greenbelt built on, and the Leader has even suggested the council would not be doing that, blaming the development policy on the Government’s NPPF policy. Yet, at the same time, they have been celebrating the opportunity the Government’s policy give them to, which is to build build build and to foist the ‘blame’ for their own preferred policy on the Tories and LibDems in Government! Only now has Mr Dowd broken cover to admit this development is what Labour wants to do.

    And then he claims it’s all in the interests of the poorer people in the community. Really? How are so-called “affordable” houses costing in excess of £300k going to help a family on the minimujm wage, let alone one that is stricken with unemployment? And notice how the bulk of their building plan puts the houses well away from the centres of employment. Housing for the lowest paid needs to be close to where they work to keep their travel costs low and need not lose time travelling too and from work. For example, a part-time cleaning job in Netherton for a single-parent woman living in a new ‘affordable home’ in Maghull or Formby is unlikely to be a viable option for her.

    If they really care about the poorer people in Sefton, Labour must lift the embargo on building in Bootle and Litherland so people can live close to where they can easily travel to work and not out in the sticks of Maghull and Formby.

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