HALT – Their Lydiate campaign meeting against the West Lancashire wind farm

Cllrs. Jen Robertson, Edie Pope and I attended the public meeting organised by HALT yesterday evening at St Thomas School in Lydiate’s Kenyons Lane.

Having held a meeting last week in Sefton Village, which I could not make, it was useful to see how this environmental campaign group have been progressing in their plan to try to stop 24 Blackpool Tower sized wind turbines appearing on high grade agricultural land in West Lancashire to the west of Lydiate.

Regular readers of this blog site will recall that I have posted about this wind turbine plan a number of times in recent months.

All in all it was a good meeting which I had to leave about 8.20pm due a prior engagement. I would guess that there were up to 100 local folk at the meeting and I took the photo below to record the event. I will write up a report on the detail information given out at the meeting just as soon as I can.


You can look at the campaign group’s web site at:-



One thought on “HALT – Their Lydiate campaign meeting against the West Lancashire wind farm

  1. Jim Coleman says:

    Tuesdays meeting whilst very informative left me with an even greater sense of frustration, we live in a democracy that in truth doesn’t exist. People have become so used to being told ‘there is nothing we can do to stop it’when it comes to matters of this type they believe it. A multi national company selects grade one farming land in a heavily populated area for exploitation in a fashion that will stain this area forever. People will certainly see property values decrease, government quite honestly doesn’t care rather it actively encourages such activity. My major concerns focus more on the natural impact these hideous monoliths are bound to have.

    The River Alt basin/flood plain has been the natural winter feeding grounds for many birds, the spectacularly successful recovery of pink footed geese is due to these fields being available for roosting and feeding in peace having targeted this area when arriving each autumn from Greenland and Iceland. Martin Mere cannot cope with these numbers Who doesn’t watch in awe as these creatures fly in their family skeins over head through out the winter months. Bewick and Mute swans travel here from Russia along with Barnacle, Bean and Brent geese. Can anyone imagine the choas and trauma caused to these beautiful creatures by such huge constructions, they will leave and not return because sadly they have no where else to go other than extinction.

    The RSPB produce a list of endangered birds, in my opinion
    many local species already on the endangered list will be forced to the point of extinction locally including lapwings, cuckoos, warblers, harriers, owls, and buzzards who all breed in south west Lancashire and along the Alt plain. I never thought that the dear old lapwing would reach this position but it has, is it coincidence that it requires breeding land now considered more suitable for wind farms.

    I have absolute sympathy for those who will incur enormous property depreciation if these proposals go through but the enviromental impact on the local wild life is too vast to contemplate, its vandalism by proxy,
    There was on error in Tuesdays information, the big hole dug to take flood water from the Alt was actually sculptured into reed beds ready for birds to ‘take over’ the rare (for this area) Little Egret has been seen there and Kingfishers have bred along the Alt feeding on the fish that have returned to the river…………………years of hope will be vanquished by some conglomorate wishing to exploit this outstanding area for short term gain unbelieveable.

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