Formby residents out in force – Fragoff leads the way

Today, as a member of Sefton’s Councils’ Planning Committee, I attended a site visit to the hugely controversial proposed housing development site off Formby’s Liverpool Road.

The purpose of the visit was to familiarise Planning Committee members with site and the proposal to develop it for housing.

There were a large number of Formby residents out protesting about the proposals which will soon come before the Planning Committee and you could say it is the most significant Green Belt battle in Sefton since the plan to build a canal marina off Lydiate’s Bells Lane.

I took the following photo’s. The first one is of the land as it is presently used for crop growing and other 3 are of protestors and their placards. Two of the photo’s were taken from on-board the bus through rain spattered windows. Whilst I was taking photo’s from inside the bus of the protestors outside of it the Champion newspaper was taking photo’s of the bus with us councillors on it.





The senior Planning Office present was not at all keen on the Planning Committee members present speaking to the protestors and I got the impression that some of the Committee thought they might get thumped if they got off the bus that was taking us to and around the site. Of course, the protestors were just making their feelings known and nothing untoward happened when we inspected the site.

One thought on “Formby residents out in force – Fragoff leads the way

  1. Derek Baxter says:

    I think you correctly identify that feelings were running high at this event. Many of the residents did not realise just how high the Developers are going to raise the land. I had gone out earlier that morning and put in yellow site Level markers, and as luck would have it the Planning Committee’s bus pulled up right in front of the two highest! I had to show many residents the site maps taken from David Wilson Homes own Planning submission before they would believe it! Now considering that some of these residents have been told by Sefton Council’s own drainage department in the past that raising their gardens by as little as 6 inches would cause neighbouring gardens to flood, you can understand their concerns!

    One chap was apoplectic when he discovered that the building marked ‘PS’ on the Plans was not a Power (sub) Station, but a sewage pumping station! So not only would he have to deal with the increased flood risk from raising the Level of the field, making the already frequent flooding of the foul water around his front garden worse he could now faced having a foul drain sewage pump outside of his back garden, and as anyone from Marshside can tell you they frequently go wrong and need fixing and when this happens the smell is stomach churning! The cold wet weather did nothing to lighten his mood either.

    I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that these residents aren’t just NIMBYs and this isn’t JUST about Green Belt, although that is critically important too. This Application needs to be rejected because the land simply isn’t suitable for development because doing so will have severe and unavoidable consequences for existing residents.

    So if they did seem a little irate and intimidating I’m sure that wasn’t their intention they are just worried and have no faith in the system that is supposed to protect them from this kind of development because the land has been selected by the Local Plan as suitable for development!

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