SAVE OUR GREEN BELT – And it’s not just in Sefton where the balloon has gone up! True blue Aughton has had it with Tory-run West Lancs Council

I have made references to the connection between the West Lancs Local Plan and the one for Sefton previously. Indeed, I have mentioned the concern of West Lancs Council about potential building on Green Belt in Lydiate which will reduce the Green Belt between Aughton and Lydiate.

West Lancs Council and particularly Aughton is true blue Tory but last week West Lancs Council got both barrels at a public meeting in Aughton because residents felt the Council was not listening to them. Now where have we heard that before!

The Ormskirk Champion has the story in its 16th October edition under the heading ‘Residents stage walk-out at parish Meeting’

So it’s not just the Labour comrades in Sefton who are feeling the heat of public objections to building on the Green Belt; they are jointly in the dock with West Lancs Tories!


By the way I wonder if there is any truth to the latest leak from inside a very wobbly Sefton Labour Party? A source there has indicated that Labour is considering reducing the number of houses to be built on the proposed vast urban extension to the east of Maghull whilst shoving those houses off to the Lydiate ‘reserve’ sites. I will be looking into this further.

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