Sefton & Maghull Station – Cheshire Lines Southport Extension Railway


My understanding is that this photo, which is looking northwards towards Southport, was taken around 1966. I came to live on Sefton Lane, Maghull in December 1968 at the age of 10 and recall the remains of the platforms being there but the station buildings had by then been demolished if memory serves.

You could not easily replicate this photo for a ‘then and now’ shot as virtually nothing looks the same now. The bridge parapets have been taken away and the void beneath them filled in so that all that is left is a mound that Sefton Lane travels over. The track bed and station site has a factory on it. The former Koters factory which you can see behind the station buildings in the photo, was extended onto the site many years ago. Koters, a company that made wax bread wrappers, has long gone itself with the factory serving other purposes these days.

North of the old bridge the track bed is intact and is the Cheshire Lines Path, part of the Trans Pennine Trail. My old mate former Maghull councillor Roy Connell often cycles it from his new home in Ainsdale back to Maghull where he used to live.

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  1. Peter Kenrick says:

    Given that Lydiate Station was demolished in May(?) 1973, I am sure that, as the last almost-intact station and platform to go on the old SCLER, S + M station survived until around 1976-77 (possibly a fraction later) to accommodate Koters’ factory extension across the track-bed. Can anyone confirm the exact year? P K

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