Labour blocks attempts to reform unworkable Sefton Central Area Committee

Stubborn Labour Council leaders will just not admit when they have got something wrong. My latest attempt to get the Leader of Sefton Council to reverse the decision to create one huge Area Committee for the middle of the Borough came to nought at last week’s Sefton Council meeting.

The new Area Committee which replaced the 3 former Area Committees of Formby, East Parishes and Crosby as part of Labour’s cost cutting drive has been criticised at every turn for being far to large and difficult for residents to engage with.

The first two meetings saw Formby residents with local highway concerns to raise having to travel firstly to Maghull and then to Crosby to get a hearing.

We Lib Dems opposed this ridiculously large Area Committee when Labour proposed it; we knew it would not work and so it has proved. Labour’s stubborn refusal to reverse this daftest of policy ideas does them no credit what so ever.

Area Committees are meant to reflect real communities and that is what we had with the previous well thought out 3 Committees for the middle part of the Borough. Now we have this huge committee with 27 Borough Councillors and 10 Parish Councillors on it; that’s a conference not an area committee. Labour just needs to admit they were wrong to make this change.

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