In praise of Teaching Assistants – John Pugh MP signs Commons Motion

John Pugh the Lib Dem MP for Southport has signed an early day motion sponsored by the trade union UNISON whish seeks to recognise the work that teaching assistants do in classrooms across the UK.

Dr John Pugh Lib Dem MP for Southport

Dr John Pugh Lib Dem MP for Southport

The motion comes at the time a right-wing think-tank Reform is lobbying for teaching assistants to be removed from schools as they say they are ineffective. And I wonder how many of Reform’s big thinkers went to private schools?

All this came to mind when I received an e-mail from a Teaching Assistant living in Maghull asking me my views on the proposals to remove them from Schools. I was happy to say that my view is that they do a great job in helping to develop our young children.

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