Sefton Libraries the crunch time is here – Will Labour save them or close them?

On 9th November I posted about my fears that Sefton Council could well be about to walk away from a potentially good deal to save Aintree Library. And walk away from the deal they are certainly trying to do!

A report going to Sefton Council’s all powerful, all Labour, Cabinet meeting on Thursday 5th December is seeking permission for Sefton to block the saving of the Library.

60 volunteers have been signed up to help run the Library and Aintree Village Parish Council is offering to fund the venture to the tune of £20,000 per year. However, the report to Cabinet says all but ‘let it die’ as it does for proposals save Crosby’s Carnegie Library on College Road. Only Ainsdale Library looks likely to be saved according to current Sefton Council sources.

The big test for Labour now is very simple. Via their local MP the cry is to save Aintree Library, but via Labour councillors sitting on Sefton Council the votes have been to close it. And of course the same applies to College Road Carnegie Library. What will Labour councillors do now? Will they do a U-turn and back the closing libraries or will they keep on closing them one by one?

Labour’s twin-track approach of the MP saying one thing and his fellow Labour councillors doing just the opposite is a farce that we have all seen through. Sadly Labour’s stance on Libraries is replicated with regard to building on the Green Belt and high grade agricultural land where the MP says save it whilst the councillors vote to consult on building on it! Labour’s ‘save it – close it’ or ‘save it – build on it’ is an example, in my view, of politicians taking the community for a ride.

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