Maghull Town Council – Nearly by-elections 8 & 9!

A further two by elections for Maghull Town Council were narrowly-averted when Town Councillors Peter Dowd and Paul Tweed turned out for a Maghull Town Council meeting on 20th November, having not attended a meeting for nearly six months. Had they not done so, Maghull Town Council would have been facing its 8th and 9th by-elections since the 16 strong Town Council was elected for a 4-year term in May 2011. 7 Labour members of the Council have resigned so far!

Councillors Dowd and Tweed are both Sefton Cabinet Members and Borough Councillors for Bootle wards on Sefton Council.

In order to remain in office, every councillor has to turn out to an official council meeting at least once every 6 months: neither Cllr Tweed and nor Councillor Dowd had been to a Town Council meeting since May.

Despite Labour’s majority (11 Lab – 5 Lib Dems) on the Town Council the Town Mayor had to cast her vote to block a Lib Dem motion condemning Sefton Council’s Green Belt building plans last month.

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