Thornton – Switch Island Link Road – Now Labour use it as an excuse to build more houses!

We have got used to Labour’s gung-ho approach to building houses; they seemingly will build any number anywhere in Sefton. Don’t worry about the Green Belt we can build houses on it. Don’t worry about high grade agricultural land we can grow houses on it!

Now they are even claiming the Thornton – Switch Island Link Road as an excuse to build houses as their Leader Cllr. Peter Dowd says of it, “Combined with new housing and employment opportunities in years to come, the road will encourage investment and improve the economic viability of the Borough for future generations.”

Sadly, those future generations will need the high grade agricultural land, that Labour seems so keen to concrete over, to feed themselves. Are there no environmental voices with Sefton Labour any more? They seem more like a branch of the House Builders Federation!

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