An e-mail to strike at the very soul of the Labour councillors to whom it has been sent!

Below is the genuine text of an e-mail sent to Labour councillors by an angry Aintree Village resident about the closure of Aintree Library and Sefton’s refusal to allow a voluntary group to take the Library over. A powerful message indeed and one I have not seen the like of before:-

For the attention of the Labour Councillors

Everybody on the To (main list) of recipients above needs to hang their heads in shame, since you have deprived this community of one of the only leisure services provided by Sefton MBC. Clearly, this is the very worst council we have ever experienced since the change from West Lancs RDC in 1974. You gave this area great hope of the library facility being retained and have now dashed everybody’s vision that it would come to fruition. In my view you should all resign and,it won’t take long before the residents of our areas discover which of you voted for closure. Any attempts you might harbour to hide behind the Coalition cutbacks will, I fear, be categorically rejected. Aintree and Melling are, in my view, deprived areas within Sefton MBC, a fact you all need to wake up to.

Did you ever consider that a reduction in the number of Councillors might help to reach the savings you sought to achieve? If not, why not? Maybe we should explore this opportunity in the future in an attempt to bring some sense of responsibility to your thinking. You are, ALL, poor representatives of this community. Heaven forbid any one of you should ever be re-elected.

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