Vote Labour for bigger welfare cuts!

I wonder how Bill Esterson’s Office will spin this (see link above)? Probably by ignoring it and hoping it will never happen.

Labour’s stance on anything to do with the economy and the consequences of the recession, that they helped to create, is little short of bizarre. They started out in opposition from two opposing positions – Liam Byrne (their former Chief Secretary to the Treasury) openly saying there was no money left in a note to his Coalition successor, whilst Balls and Miliband tried to give the impression that they were all but unaware of a recession and could not understand the need for savings to stop the UK sliding into depression! Of course they have significantly changed their position now vowing to keep to Coalition spending cuts if they get re-elected.

But we also had Labour’s opposition to reducing the welfare budget which has now morphed into Labour can and will cut the welfare budget more than the Coalition!

What on earth do Labour stand for? On the economy anything you want them to stand for it seems.

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