Community Library campaigners in Sefton feel…………….

Will volunteers ever be allowed to stack these shelves with books again - Not if Labour-run Sefton has anything to do with it!

Will volunteers ever be allowed to stack these shelves with books again? I have just returned from the Sefton Council Scrutiny meeting where brave community library campaigners came up, yet again, against the brick wall of Sefton Labour Party.

But this time the Labour dominated Committee crumbled and fell apart! It failed to back the Labour Cabinet and deferred making a decision on bids from two community groups to run Aintree and College Road, Crosby Libraries to the New Year.

But they refused to take the advice of opposition Lib Dem members of the Committee who proposed that the matter be referred to Full Council for a debate about all kinds of concerns and worries that had been put to the Committee tonight by community campaigners. Indeed, after a bout of headless chickening they called for an adjournment of the Scrutiny Committee to regroup. The Christmas fudge of a compromise that came out of that 10 minute private Labour only conclave was that they wanted to defer the meeting to the New Year and hear no more criticism of the Labour-run Council.

They failed in their attempt to shut me and Cllr. Andrew Tonkiss up so they got more concerns to put in their worry caps for Christmas.

This is no longer about money to run the libraries, it’s about the lack of trust and faith the Labour-run Council has in its community groups and at least one of its Parish Councils (Aintree Village).

Some book titles that seem to sum up how the campaigners feel:-



Double Cross(ed)

Double Cross(ed)

Rough Justice

Rough Justice

All these titles were snapped in one of the Borough’s closing libraries this week as the selves were emptied of books.

All the community campaigners want is to be given the chance to try to run their Library. All Labour said was we really don’t know what to do – we need new orders!

One thought on “Community Library campaigners in Sefton feel…………….

  1. He'snotheavy says:

    This is Labour at its spineless best ! Do nothing unless we can find an anti-libraries group to latch on to. They would be thankful for that. Remember Crosby MP’s stance on the Sainsbury Gift Horse to save the village ? He didn’t stick his valuable political neck out and make a case for it – rather it die with A Better Crosby’s \majority\ supporters preserving a degree of Socialist credibility safely intact. What a laugh – except that more serious consequences for the village weren’t foreseen by that lacklustre band of brothers. It’s noticeable that true to form he’s keeping his head low over this one – no doubt he’ll pop it up when he can sniff out a way to catch a headline to his advantage. Watch this space !

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