Now Labour slams Teachers in a bid to win right wing votes

Let’s face it you would have expected, or at least been unsurprised, if this latest attack (see link above) on teachers had come from Mr Gove but instead it has come from Labour and it has certainly wrong footed some of the teaching trade unions!

Milband’s Labour Party is full of surprises as it tries to get attention by peddling right and left wing policies at the same time. It’s as though Labour have realised that Tony Blair and his mixture of Christian Democrat/Social Democrat approaches is where they need to head back to. They may well be right but what they don’t have is a Tony Blair type figurehead to lead that charge.

Today must have been one of those days when the trade unions barons who got Miliband the Labour Leadership, thought to themselves ‘what have we done, one day he sings to our tune the next he sings to a Tory tune!’

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