More rumours of internal Sefton Labour troubles

Unless I am deliberately being fed duff information from more then one source, which does not seem likely, it looks like strains within the Labour Party locally are growing.

I am being told of a rift between the Sefton Central MP and some of his councillors and, if my sources are correct, this may be particularly the case with the relationship between the MP and his Molyneux ward councillors.

Of course it seems to be an open secret that Sefton Council Leader Peter Dowd and MP Bill Esterson don’t get on as I have been told this by more Labour Party sources than I could shake a stick at!

But this Molyneux ward rift is interesting as it could well be associated with the closing of Aintree Library as much as any other matter because of the differing stances being taken by folk representing opposing interests within Labour.

Labour councillors were openly in dispute with community campaigners in early December last year, during what I am told were some ugly scenes at the end of the adjourned Sefton Council Scrutiny meeting. That meeting was hearing the campaigner’s appeals against them being turned down to run Aintree and College Road (Crosby) Libraries using volunteers. That meeting reconvenes on 11th February.

So are Labour in a rugby scrum with their Sefton Councillors on one side and an MP’s Office and activists on the other and are they suffering some low self-inflicted blows? Everything points to this being more than possible………………..