Cardboard and plastic kerbside collections in Sefton

Cllr. Robbie Fenton pictured in March 2012 campaigning for plastic and cardboard recycling to be introduced in Sefton

Cllr. Robbie Fenton pictured in March 2012 campaigning for plastic and cardboard recycling to be introduced in Sefton

We Lib Dems have been pushing Sefton Council to bring this in for a long time and at last the Labour-run Council is taking action. My colleague Cllr. Nigel Ashton has been seeking out information about the roll out of this recycling initiative and the consequences of it. Here are a few pointers as to what is going to happen and where to find more information:-

Cllr. Nigel Ashton

Cllr. Nigel Ashton

* Information mailings should drop through Sefton resident’s letter boxes from 21st February until 11th April.

* Brown bins should be delivered to properties from 17th March through to the 27th April.

* The new collection service will start for some residents from 31st March and all should be on it by 28th April.

* Under the new collection arrangement the brown and grey wheelie-bins will be emptied on an alternating pattern (Tuesday to Friday) with green wheelie-bins being emptied on a fortnightly basis between February and November on Saturday or Monday, each household will receive a collection calendar which identifies the day/date and colour of bin scheduled for collection.


* Something to bear in mind – There are around 14,000 properties within Sefton which have access/storage issues and therefore do not receive the current or future (Residual/Plastic&Cardboard) Alternate Weekly Collection (AWC) wheelie-bin service, the vast majority of these currently receive a weekly collection of residual and recyclable waste.

* At this stage the search facility on Sefton’s website provides current collection arrangement information only (grey/green w/bins) however this will be replaced by the new collection information (Grey/Brown & Green w/bin collections) just prior to each phase commencing.

* Sefton’s website does however contain information about the introduction of plastic/cardboard collections and the ability to look-up when the first brown-bin collection (for a specific property) is scheduled to be provided;

Here’s hoping I have not got any of this information around my neck!

2 thoughts on “Cardboard and plastic kerbside collections in Sefton

  1. Angela Robinson says:

    I am delighted at the good news about polythene and cardboard recycling and congratulate those concerned. I am a newcomer from Colchester (another good Lib Dem town!)and was appalled when I moved here at the limited nature of the recycling and the airy way in which, when I took stuff to the recycling centre at the way in which they told me that they did not ‘do’ ordinary polythene – which I am now putting into a sack, ready for April.

    This gives us yet ANOTHER piece of information to give people on the doorstep before May!

  2. David Pullin says:

    Can’t wait till I get my bin. I have already reduced the amount of grey waste over the last few years. Most fortnights it is only half full. There are two adults in my household so I understand the picture is different for families and larger households. Hopefully this will reduce the the number of grey bins I see with cardboard and plastics sticking out of the top.

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