Diesel engine pollution – Find a solution before Bootle becomes a particulates black spot!


The Guardian has the story.

It is precisely this sort of concern that I have about the management of transport access to the enlarged Seaforth Docks in Bootle. My postings of 24th April and 2nd May provide more background to this issue.

I don’t think anyone wants to stop the economic benefits of the expansion of the docks in Bootle but if the transport corridor (A5036 – Dunnings Bridge Road, Church Road, Princess Way) from Switch Island to the docks is going to become a sea of lorries churning out diesel fums and particulates then some serious thinking needs doing now. The consequences on the health of those living close to congested transport corridors has to be solved before the lorries start thundering through the southern part of Sefton.

Rail transport is, of course, part of the solution but not via diesel powered locomotives pulling heavy container trains up the steep inclines from the docks without the particulates they emit being safely managed. Electrification of the rail route would be the sensible way forward.

One thought on “Diesel engine pollution – Find a solution before Bootle becomes a particulates black spot!

  1. Nonconformistradical says:

    One major problem is that so many diesel vehicles currently in use don’t have diesel particulate filters.

    As far as I know they were made mandatory for new private cars in 2010 so any new diesel car made from then on should have one. I don’t know what the regulations for commecial vehicles are.

    Nor do I know if it is possible to fit diesel particulate filters to vehicles retrospectively – if it is practicable it should be encouraged.

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