More trouble within Sefton Central Labour Party?

Well it would seem so as one faction is certainly briefing against another and this follows previous blood lettings that led to 7 Labour councillors resigning from Maghull Town Council in recent times.

The two issues now, I am told, surround efforts to deselect a Labour Sefton Councillor (in Molyneux ward?) and for the record is that not the same ward which allegedly passed a motion of no confidence or some such resolution in the Sefton Central Labour Party a while back? The second issue is whether yet another Labour councillor is going to resign. One faction says yes it is going to happen whilst another seems to be of the view that it will not happen.

Whether any of these positions is true or not I can’t tell you but they all emanate from within what seems to be a deeply troubled Sefton Central Labour Party.

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