Kennet Prison – day release prisoners abscond

The BBC and Liverpool Echo have the story but let’s think this through because the fact is that an open prison, like Kennet, will have such problems from time to time. The assessment of an offender for day release may be wrong at times and there is no 100% guarantee that an assessment will get it right.

Of course ‘lessons will have to be learned’ as the old political phrase/excuse goes but we should not think that there will not be problems in the future because there will.

If we are to try to rehabilitate offenders as I think we should, as opposed to locking them up for the rest of their lives, then the balance of a risk assessed day release has to be the way forward even though that assessment can at times be wrong.

But there is a positive side to the rehabilitation route and it can be seen across Maghull where offenders from Kennet Prison have been working with Maghull in Bloom to brighten up the Town.

So let’s be concerned when things go wrong but let’s also celebrate when the process goes well.

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