Local Election results – Sefton splits its votes in a rather odd way

Local elections about local issues…………


We Lib Dems held all our seats that were up for election in the Southport part of Sefton but we lost 3 seats in the Sefton Central part of the Borough. All the losses were to Labour and I have been struck by how voters went out to support a Party who are openly going to trash our Green Belt and potentially charge for the emptying of Green Bins in the Borough. And of course Labour has also closed many of the Borough’s Libraries.


As an environmental campaigner who has worked to defend the Green Belt against Labour’s attacks on it I must say that I am surprised that the electorate in places like Maghull, Aintree Village, Melling and Lydiate has now backed the party of Green Belt destruction. But, there was a single glimmer of hope for the Green Belt as the voters of Formby elected Maria Bennett who, like we Lib Dems, stood on a platform of stopping Green Belt building.


* Is the cause of Green Belt protection in Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree Village and Melling now dead following Labour winning all 3 Sefton wards in this area?
* Why did the electors of Southport & Formby vote for Green Belt campaigners but elsewhere they elected a Party (Labour) that wants to build on the Green Belt?
* Why did electors give Sefton Labour a green light (except in Southport and Formby) to bring in their threatened £46 Green Bin Tax?
* How has Labour got away with closing Libraries in Crosby, Aintree Village and Bootle whilst they were firmly rejected in Southport where they also closed libraries?
* Why did the electors of Maghull vote in Lib Dem Cllrs. Bruce Hubbard and Jen Robertson last July, because of their opposition to Labour’s Green Bin tax and their fighting for the Green Belt, but reject them both today for continuing to campaign on these issues?

These were local elections about local issues…………

4 thoughts on “Local Election results – Sefton splits its votes in a rather odd way

  1. Jenny Unsworth says:

    Dear Cllr Robinson

    I was interested by your perplexity over the “oddness” of the vote split. Like Maria Bennett I belong to a protest group, albeit in Cheshire. I think it is extraordinary that members of the coalition government persistently fail to understand the level of sheer anger about the NPPF. In our parliamentary constituency there are at least 15 protest groups and every major planning application is hotly contested and the decisions are always over-turned at appeal. It is a shambles. It is inevitable that neither Lib Dems nor Conservatives can benefit from this relentless assault on the democratic process. The Labour party and. UKIP profit from this.

    Jenny Unsworth
    Community Voice on Planning

    • Thanks for this but in fact the situation is even more complex as the other Formby ward was in fact won by a Conservative candidate. Also, only last week Labour said they would not be changing the NPPF apart from some issues around the margins. But the point I was trying to make was that in voting for Labour in Sefton electors were supporting the party whose Leader has open said he wants to build more houses in the Borough. In saying this it is inevitable that the building will be on high grade agricultural land/Green Belt as there is pretty much nowhere else to build in the Borough. The really odd part about this is that there were 3 by-elections in Maghull last July for 3 Labour seats. We Lib Dems won two of them (Labour the other 1) campaigning on a clear platform of defending the Green Belt and opposing a proposed £46 Green Bin emptying tax. The Lib Dem candidates who won those seats were, in turn, rejected by the Maghull electorate last Thursday for continuing to fight for those issues and this in the face of Labour, as I say, openly saying they will be building on Green Belt.

  2. Cllr Stephen A. Gent says:

    As your article notes it is a shame that the election results do not reflect the true disappointment and anger at the decision to close OUR Library! Thank you to everyone in Molyneux Ward who did vote for Peter Gill, the only independent candidate standing; Peter is passionate about the Library and local issue affecting local people, unfortunately he was not elected. However, the fight for Aintree Library is not yet over. The Aintree Library Action Group, Aintree Village Parish Council and Aintree Reatepayers Association will continue to pro-actively lobby Sefton Council to allow ALAG to re-open this much missed community resource for the benefit of Aintree Village and Melling residents in particular.

  3. A Bailey says:

    Maybe some people inMaghull would like to see new homes built so that their kids can live in the area.

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