The Old Forge – Maghull

What is now the Old Forge, just off Liverpool Road North/Hickson Avenue in Maghull, was once a well known blacksmith business. When the business closed in the 1960’s the building remained pretty much as it was the day that it closed until 2010 when it was tastefully converted into a lovely modern house.

My previous posting of 14/02/2011 refers

but the reason I return to the matter is that I have found a photo of the building in its original state from 2002.


This photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

The sign above the window reads Robert Barnes and Sons I recall you could then look through the windows to see the inside laid out as it would have been used to conduct a blacksmith’s business.

Below is the plaque that the Olsen family and Maghull Town Council erected on the building as a nod to its interesting history.


8 thoughts on “The Old Forge – Maghull

  1. Tony Gledhill says:

    I remember the old forge; I always thought it would have made a great little local museum to tell the history of Maghull and Lydiate farming and canal history.

    • Looks like we may have had similar thoughts as I did try to get the National Trust interested in the property many years ago but if I recall correctly they could only do so if there was also a capital sum to look after it. Obviously it came to nothing but it is a great family home now.

  2. Philippa Barnes says:

    My name is Philippa Barnes and my grandfather was William Barnes who owned the smithy until he died. He lived virtually opposite the smithy at 136 Liverpool Road with his wife Elsie and 4 children. My father is the second child Dr Robert Barnes, a metalagist, where did he get that interest from!? I believe that the history of the family is somewhat revealed in Maghull Church where there is a succession of alternate William and Robert Barnes blacksmiths can be found from 15 century onwards, from some previous research done by a local historian. I often wander if the nursery rhyme in the Oxford book of Nursery Rhymes which originates from the North of England and starts ‘Robert Barnes fellow fine will you shoe this horse of mine….’ l remember looking through the dusty smithy window the day of my grandfather’s funeral and thinking, the age of the car has ended a chapter of history here, as the smithy was used to shoe horses that drew barges that traveled along the adjacent canal.

  3. Katie says:

    Hello – I live in Barnes cottages next to the forge. I know there is a lot of history mentioned Re my naighbour at the forge but I wondered if anyone had any on mine given it’s named after the Barnes family? Did they live or work here too etc ? I’d like to keep Its Heritage and having my own plaque for inside the property with date it was built etc but it would be great if anyone had any info to add Re The cottages


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