Wind Turbines – Lower Alt – HALT – Will the West Lancs plan meet the same sticky end?

Turbine wrangles

Eric Pickles has been accused of killing off the wind turbine industry after turning down 10 out of 12 applications in the past year. In total, Mr Pickles has intervened in 39 planning disputes about wind turbines. Gemma Grimes, director of onshore renewables at RenewableUK, said: “By doing this, he’s undermining the fundamental principles of England’s impartial planning process. Frankly, his intervention looks political, and that’s unnerving to developers of all infrastructure projects.” Meanwhile, RSPB Scotland is campaigning against a proposal from SSE to put up 47 turbines on an area of north Sutherland currently the subject of a World Heritage Site application.

The West Lancs site is on prime high grade agricultural land so the building of wind turbines there is simply inappropriate


With thanks to the LGiU for this story.

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