What on earth does the Aintree & Maghull Champion think it is up to?

Last week I posted on this site about an appalling meeting of Maghull Town Council where its Labour rulers voted, amongst other things, to restrict the kinds of petitions that can be brought before the Council by Maghull residents. Not only that but they also stopped opposition Lib Dem members from moving an amendment to this terrible policy.

This is what I said last week:-


So we move forward a week to the edition of the Champion that followed the meeting and guess what no mention of those matters what so ever! Not only that but the paper publishes a front page lead article all about the Labour candidate in the Maghull North Ward by-election that takes place on 31st July together with a second lead article all about the supposedly wonderful things that the Labour Party are going to do for Maghull.

The best I can say is that the Champion is seemingly not trying to hide its political leanings just before a by-election which was caused by the 8th (yes I did say 8th) Labour councillor resigning from the very same Council since November 2011.

I thought the job of a local newspaper was to hold our local rulers to account not act like a publicity machine for them.

Only recently the Champion ran a story all about the proposal of Peel Holdings to build on high grade agricultural land in Melling and they asked me to give them a quote over the matter. I gladly did but when the article was published my comments were excluded. Odd I thought so I asked the journalist why they had asked me for a comment and then not used any of it. The response was that it had been used but had been taken out before publication. So I sent the same comment in again via the letters page and guess what it was not published this week. For the record this is what I said:-

‘These additional sites for potential building are hugely unpopular in Aintree and Melling just as the similar but previously consulted sites are on areas of high grade agricultural and Green Belt land around Maghull & Lydiate.
Labour-run Sefton Council is playing a dangerous game. By giving way on some areas of Green Belt for development they are simply encouraging more speculative developers to have a go. If Labour have their way we will end up with acres and acres of concrete and tarmac rather than high grade agricultural land producing food. As an environmental campaigner I am desperately concerned.’

Sorry but I have had a gut full of the Aintree & Maghull Champion. What a sad state of affairs indeed.

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