Cable: Strike law change “potty”

Vince Cable has described David Cameron’s plans to change strike laws as “simply potty”. It is understood that the Conservatives are considering plans to legislate that strikes can only be held if a threshold of 50% of the membership is reached in any ballot.

Don’t you just love it when politicians say what they really mean rather than communicating with us in ‘Westminster’ speak. A potty Tory policy indeed!

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story.

3 thoughts on “Cable: Strike law change “potty”

  1. Fran Rogers says:

    Agree, we do not live in a banana republic (yet) Vince Cable should apply pressure on the government to hold back on this reactionary response. I am also confused over the “Bedroom Tax” item that is in the press today with Nick Clegg apparently willing to do a U turn; this was voted for by Nick and John Pugh, what are your thoughts on this can you clarify the official position?

    • My own view is that in principle the so called ‘Bedroom Tax’, which brought into social housing sector what Labour had previously brought into the private rented sector, would probably work if there was sufficient 1 and 2 bedroom properties for people to downsize to. Without those properties it simply does not work. I am too far down the Lib Dem food chain to be able to answer for the ‘official’ position unfortunately.

  2. Fran Rogers says:

    Can we believe anything Nick says now? And does this now mean that Danny Alexandra will stop referring to people hit by the tax as “bedroom blockers”?

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