Saving greenfield land and our cities

Remember my posting of yesterday about some folks wanting to sweep away Planning rules, well here is a more balanced approach.

Richard Rogers, architect and former chair of the Urban Task Force, writes in the Guardian beseeching developers and the government to cast their eyes away from greenfield sites and instead build in the UK’s cities. “With intelligent design and planning, we don’t need to overflow into new towns on greenfield sites; doing so would damage the countryside and – more importantly – wreck our cities. We do need to make more of what we have, unlocking a million development opportunities, and building new places that mix uses, tenures and people, rather than slowly churning out identikit housing estates. Our urban renaissance does need new towns, but they must be new towns in our existing cities,” he argues.

But are local authorities like Sefton in the mood for listening or are they still hell bent on building on high grade agricultural land come what may? Sadly, I think I know the answer!

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