Ashworth South site & the proposed Maghull North Station

This site is rarely photographed as it is surrounded by fencing but the railway bridge that takes School Lane over the Liverpool – Ormskirk Merseyrail line gives a decent view.

The first photo shows a train passing the proposed Maghull North Station site. Just look how close the gardens on the left hand side are to the railway line; it’s going to be a squeeze to get a platform in there! I would not be surprised if, when the station gets to the detailed planning stage, that this will be a sticky problem to resolve. The photo is looking northwards with the Park Lane railway bridge in the distance.


The second shows the wider vista of the Ashworth South site that was once where Moss Side Hospital stood. It was then down, under the last Labour Government, to be the site of a new prison but the Coalition decided not to build one there.


Of course the Ashworth South site is where Labour refuses to say whether they support house building on it or not. Odd this especially as they are determined to build a truly massive urban extension to Maghull just across School Lane. Maybe they have other plans for the Ashworth South site? Whatever, they are not for saying despite local environmental campaigners and the Lib Dem Party openly supporting development on Ashworth South whilst opposing Labour’s vast urban extension across the road. Ashworth South has been developed before so building houses on it seems a sensible thing to do especially as doing so will provide a financial contribution towards the cost of building the new railway station.

I will return to Maghull’s proposed urban extension in due course.

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2 thoughts on “Ashworth South site & the proposed Maghull North Station

  1. Terry Sweeny says:

    Just been reading the latest in The Champion about Peel Holdings proposed plans for the new development around Switch Island. This was always going to be on the cards once the new road was being built expect more development along this route. Careful what we wish for.

    • I can see what you are driving at but my view is that the the new link Road does not have much if any impact on what Peel are proposing, indeed they would have proposed it whether the new road was being built or not. The big impact will come when the powers that be finally let us all know what they are going to do to deal with the lack of capacity on Dunningsbridge Road (A5036). Some years ago the Highways Agency suggested building a new road down the Rimrose Valley, through our local country park! Clearly if Peel given the the green light to build their vast logistics park alongside the M57 near Switch Island then the pressure on the A5036 can only become all the greater. As an environmental campaigner these possibilities worry me a great deal.

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