The Giants, Liverpool & Merseytravel – Was the transport advice right?

Just a few thoughts on the transport implications of the massive Giants event in Liverpool over the last weekend.

The advice from Merseytravel was very clear – come into Liverpool by train or bus and the emphasis seemed to be very much ‘by train’. But was this advice right?

We travelled into Liverpool on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we drove to Bootle and got a train at Bootle Oriel Road Station. The train we got on the Southport – Liverpool Line was packed but OK and we got off at Moorfields Station. Coming back though was a very different story!

On return to Moorfields Station the queue, just to get into the station, was massive and trailing all the way back to Dale Street, indeed it seemed to be an ever lengthening queue. We did not bother waiting; it was going to be a long wait or a long walk. We settled for the long walk on the basis that we would probably be able to flag down a taxi. After about half a mile we did indeed get a taxi back to Bootle.

On Sunday we drove all the way into Liverpool, parked up in the large Council car park next to the Adelphi Hotel with no difficulties what so ever, walked down to the Stand (where the event was taking place) and all was fine. On the way back we walked to the car park, drove out without any delay what so ever and were home in Lydiate within half an hour.

Did Merseytravel over egg the advice and in effect get far too many folk to use the trains instead of spreading the load across all modes of transport? Our experience would indicate that they did. I hope the next time Liverpool hosts a major event the advice is reconsidered.

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