Switch Island – Thornton Link Road moves on apace

Progress on Broomscross Road, as it is to be called, is really moving on apace probably because of the excellent summer weather we have had.

It is to be called Broomscross Road after an historic cross that stood just to the east of Thornton where those carrying coffins to Sefton Church would rest on their sad journeys in times past. The new road passes close to the site of the cross.

I decided to have a look at progress of the road from a rarely seen location – Chapel Lane in Netherton (part of the Trans-Pennine Trail). This is a short dead-end (for vehicles) lane that serves just a few properties/farms off the Northern Perimeter Road. But there is an historic building here – have a look at this link for details:-


This was the scene looking north and south a few days ago:-

From Chapel Lane looking south towards Switch Island.

From Chapel Lane looking south towards Switch Island.

From Chapel Lane looking north towards Thornton. You can just see the spire of Sefton Church on the right horizon.

From Chapel Lane looking north towards Thornton. You can just see the spire of Sefton Church on the mid-right horizon.

I can’t help but be pleased to see this progress after years of campaigning with the likes of Thornton Parish Council (who don’t get the credit they deserve in my book) to get this vital Link Road built.

The second photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

2 thoughts on “Switch Island – Thornton Link Road moves on apace

  1. Alan Shaw says:

    Dear Mr Robertson,
    I received a leaflet through the letterbox this morning headed “SAVE MAGHULL” this leaflet contained information about the proposal for the building of new houses around the Green Park estate and around Bells Lane. I am opposed to any development in these areas and I am a supporter of local campaign groups including HALT. Although I agree with the contents of the leaflet my concern is that it is not signed or attributed to anyone or any organisation. A neighbour has told me he thinks it was distributed by UKIP; I do not hold this view but think that it has been distributed by local well meaning residents. My main point is this should have a contact number and address at the very least; otherwise we could have a situation where disinformation or at the very worst untruths are flying around unsubstantiated this would do any legitimate local residents no good at all. I will be contacting the local press about this and will inform them I have contacted you over the matter I will of course include you in any email.
    Thank you.
    Alan Shaw

    • Thanks Alan,

      My views are as yours in that I think it has been circulated by local people. The information with regard to proposed building around Green Park, Maghull through to Bells Lane, Lydiate is correct though as a developer/land owner has in effect challenged Sefton’s draft Local Plan by asking for this huge site to the west of Maghull & Lydiate to be reconsidered for development.

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