Concerns about developers ambitions in the East Parishes part of Sefton

Over the past few weeks I have been contacted by a number of people about the ‘additional sites’ that Sefton Council is presently consulting upon – that consultation ends on 9th August, I would add.

To recap we have a draft Local Plan in place and readers will know how I have fought against Green Belt and high grade agricultural land being built upon. The ‘additional sites’ are those which developers and land owners want brought into the Local Plan before it is finalised. I suppose you could say they want their sites brought in either as an alternative to those the Council has already selected or in addition to those sites.

The battle is clearly bigger in the East Parishes part of Sefton than anywhere else

For me it is sadly more of the same as our Labour-led Council is already planning to allow building on huge swathes of high grade agricultural land and Green Belt to the east of Maghull and Lydiate. But developers and some land owners want the Council to agree to even more building on additional sites that would truly swamp Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree Village and Melling in housing and industrial parks.

This has become a lottery from which we can all only be losers. The Council is already putting at risk the character of Maghull by allowing it increase in size by just under 25% and in poor old Lydiate it could as high as a 35% increase! But developers want more with a huge plan to build onto the western side of Maghull and Lydiate from Green Park to Bells Lane. And even that is not enough as they also want to extend the building on the eastern side of Lydiate even further.

Down in Melling they are facing the potential for the land on the northern side of the M57 to become a logistics park from Switch Island to Brewery Lane and a number of sites in Aintree Village are also under threat from developers, one being the other side of the M57 – between it and Oriel Drive.

I am appalled by what Sefton Council has agreed to so far in its draft Local Plan as it will be giving the green light to building on the very land that we and future generations need to grow food upon. The additional sites, should any of them be agreed to, can only worsen the environmental catastrophe.

The big question is will the Labour-led Council agree to more Green Belt land being built upon? They said not so long ago they were going to defend the Green Belt but then voted to build on it! I hope they sober up before they make the East Parishes part of the Borough a sea of buildings whilst destroying its agricultural land for good.

3 thoughts on “Concerns about developers ambitions in the East Parishes part of Sefton

  1. C Haycock says:

    Just been reading about last weeks Maghull by election result. Somethings wrong, somthings very very wrong. this result even after umpteen Resignations and infighting what is going on?

  2. C Haycock says:

    Is this not a bad reflection on us though? What does the future hold for us with national issues being a factor in local elections.

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