Cuneo – Probably the greatest ever railway artist – NRM has an unfortunate accident

I was in the National Railway Museum in York in the last week of June and little did I know that I would be one of the last people to photograph the magnificent Terrence Cuneo painting of London’s Waterloo Station intact!

You see on 28th June this huge painting suffered significant accidental damage, leaving an 8″ gash, when a piece of scenery for an event fell on it.

Here is the painting as I saw it on 25th June. It is truly magnificent both in detail and indeed size (it is 20ft by 10ft) and was commissioned by the Science Museum in 1967:-


NRM's information board displayed below the painting

NRM’s information board displayed below the painting

A specialist conservator is advising NRM how to repair it and they seem confident of doing this.

The first photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

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