Ormskirk Station in times gone by – Now a shadow of its former self

Flicking through my photo collection the other day and I found a photo of Ormskirk Station which I must have bought some time ago and forgotten about. The reverse says it is from the John Ryan Collection and the copyright is held by J A Peden, so due recognition here to them both.

The picture is undated and is taken from the Preston bound platform looking south towards the Derby Road bridge which crosses the tracks at the end of the platforms.


I have recently bought a second old photo of the Station, this time the view is from the Derby Road bridge looking northwards. It is also undated:-


Ormskirk was indeed a grand station in times gone by. You can see the former bay platform in this second shot – to the right. I understand that this is where the Liverpool local trains would run to and from.

Of course you could also get a train to Skelmersdale from Ormskirk, but sadly no more. My recent posting about the proposals to bring a railway back into Skem’ can be read at:-


But what about the Station now, in 2014? Well every picture tells a story and here is the picture. Hardly grand any more when compared with the two old photos:-

End of the line - Ormskirk Station in 2014

End of the line – Ormskirk Station in 2014

The photos above are amongst my Flickr shots at:-

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