Maghull Station as it used to be

Maghull Station, on Merseyrail’s Northern Line, is now a modern and very well used facility. Indeed, it is so busy that the addition of a new Maghull North Station (to be built between the School Lane and Park Lane railway bridges) is now almost a certainty since the Coalition Government put up £6.2m towards the presently estimated cost of £7m.

Yes, I know, I also heard that Maghull Labour councillors were celebrating the massive grant from the Coalition; money the last Labour Government did not come even close to stumping up! Funny old world is it not. Reminds me of them also celebrating the Coalition putting up the money to build the Thornton – Switch Island Link Road which Labour never got around to funding when running the Country either. Funny old world again is it not!

But I digress, the purpose of this posting is to publish a couple of old photos of Maghull Station, from the days when Maghull was very much a rural community. The first one is undated but looks to be Edwardian era. I purchased it recently:-


The second is not very good quality as it is reproduced from a photo sent in to the former Liverpool Daily Post Newspaper, which sadly closed down a few months ago. I have tried, so far unsuccessfully, to track down the original photo which was sent in to the Paper from an Aughton household. I am informed that the photo dates from 1940 and it looks to have been quite a cold and wintery spell indeed:-


Maghull Station was originally a Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway outpost and those with longish memories will recall the Scottish expresses running through it at speed until the late 1960’s when some fools decided to break the rails at Ormskirk to stop through trains to Preston and beyond.

The photos are amongst my Flickr shots at:-

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