Chapel Street, Southport – running the gauntlet of the ‘chuggers’

Cllr. Iain Brodie Brown covers this subject in his recent blog posting (see link above) and he is right to do so.

Shopping in Southport’s Chapel Street can be a pain at times because of the activities of the young paid charity collectors who are known as ‘chuggers’. I would not be surprised if shoppers are being put off from shopping in Chapel Street so Iain is right to raise the profile of a matter that Sefton Council seems to have turned a blind eye to.

And its not only Southport where ‘chuggers’ are a concern. An internet search pulled up this newspaper article in Gloucester:-

Collecting for charities on our streets is a long standing tradition which we all support but ‘chugging’ is going too far. It has to be regulated in Southport.

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