Arriva not withdrawing from Southport – Company answers the rumours firmly with a NO.

Rumours of Arriva withdrawing from Southport have been taken up by Lib Dem Councillor John Dodd and a firm response to the speculation has come back from the bus company:-



I can tell you quite clearly that Arriva have no intention of withdrawing from Southport now or in the future. We have a successfully business in Southport and therefore it would be ludicrous to pull out. If anything we wish to strengthen our services in Southport and surrounding areas. To this end next Friday, 3rd October at ECO Centre at 11:30 am, we are launching 9 brand new state of the art Double Deckers which come with Free Wi-Fi and E-Leather seats. This is an investment of £2 million pounds in new vehicles for our Southport to Wigan service.

Furthermore the following week , we will announce a fare reduction for all our local services. We will be undertaking a local Marketing campaign to advertise this.

I hope the above shows Arrivas’ commitment to Southport and our customers.

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